Lideta Catholic Cathedral School – LCCS

About Us

Lideta Catholic Cathedral School (LCCS)

Established over six decades ago, Lideta Catholic Cathedral School (LCCS) began as humble alphabet tutorials under the guidance of Abba Gebremichael Mekonnen, the then parish priest of the Catholic Cathedral in Addis Ababa. From its modest single-classroom beginnings, the School rapidly grew, and within a few years, it transformed into a full-fledged school catering to over 800 students. In 1955, the Christian Brothers undertook the school’s management, continuing until 1974 when the Archdiocese assumed its administration. By 1993, LCCS evolved further, transitioning from a junior school to a high school, extending top-tier education to approximately 2,600 students each year.

Throughout its 60-year legacy, LCCS has not only been a beacon of academic excellence but has also molded individuals into responsible and ethically upstanding citizens for the nation.


LCCS, our leadership community envisions a future where quality education stands as the cornerstone in combatting persistent societal poverty. We firmly believe that breaking the chains of generational poverty starts with empowering minds through education. Embracing the principle, ‘Overcoming poverty , begins in the mind,’ we proudly offer financial assistance to numerous students, facilitating their academic journey. Through this initiative, we aim to uplift countless deserving students to not only graduate but to also ascend to higher educational institutions, thereby enhancing their family’s quality of life and overall well-being.

Financial Aid

The LCCS community believes that quality education is the best means of alleviating our society’s chronic poverty. Without education, multigenerational poverty will continue. Our principle is: “Poverty reduction begins in the people’s mind.” Because of this, hundreds of students get financial aid from the school to continue their education, and the program enables many students to accomplish school and join Universities and beyond. Their families’ standard of living and well-being is also improved as well.

Our Core Values